FIFA 16: Getting started

For some days the web application with the March 16th transfers is available for FIFA 16, a little over a week before the official release of the game itself.

Holders can subscribe to Xbox EA Access can even play from the 17/09 for 10 hours. Who says FIFA 16, new season on FUT and therefore, in order to better manage this new season, we will have funds to buy players we dream! For the occasion,

Summary good start for FIFA 16:

-Search But few players, to do search players auction with a minimum price of 650 (to avoid maximum player or not rare) and max price 700.

-Investing Interesting players on both their stats by their championship, because if the guy plays English D4 it is less likely to sell.

-Bid between 950 and 1000 in immediate purchase.

-Make a max profit.

 Ultimate Road To Seria A

Today I decided to launch a new concept in the article on the site. While the concept of “Road To …” was revised again and again, but this is usually done using videos. So as you guessed certainly, this article will be a bit of an introduction to my new series where you can keep track of my team and see how it improves. My goal is to build the best team in my eyes, consists only of players playing in the Italian league and using only regular players, so no FI.

As you see, the A Series is only minimally represented at present. I still managed to have De Maio in DC and Belec, Slovenian goalkeeper Carpi. Therefore, my team can only get better … I set all my players quick sale or that were not part of the Italian championship. This explains why I have just-under 4000 appropriations. I will not show you which team I make the final because it will be up to you to discover As the episodes of this series.
As you can see in the picture just above, I have to sell some Bronze players. To start FUT, I advise you to buy Bronze 400 package and then sell players or elements 150-200 to realize some significant benefits to start.

Here, my two first players have already left yet they are really not terrible …I reveal just a little hint about my team … Juventus will be less well represented than last years!

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Snapchat score Tricks

If your Snapchat game has gotten a little stale—or if you just want to be better at it than anyone else—we’ve got some nifty iPhone tricks to take you to the next level. After this, your Snap status will forever be elevated.For snapchat score Hack You can visit snapchat hack website

1) Animate your Snapcode avatar
First off, did you know that you can add an animated selfie to your personalized Snapcode? It’s easy and makes for a more dynamic Snapchat presence.

Simply tap on the ghost icon at the top middle of your screen to see your Snapcode. Tap on it once more and you’ll see a camera icon. Get ready to vogue because as soon as you hit the camera button your phone’s front-facing camera will snap five selfies.

These will then scroll repeatedly to create your new, GIF-like Snapcode. You can refresh these images at any time by tapping on it again.

2) Create multicolored text
You can get more creative with your text by using more than one color (although it’s not immediately obvious this is possible).

Type whatever you want then tap on the text icon (the T in a square) until the text becomes larger.

Now you can tap and hold until you see the option to Select/Select All. Hit Select to highlight a word and then drag the blue bars to select just one letter at a time. Tap on the color bar to change the color of each letter until you’ve created your masterpiece.

3) Use multiple filters

You probably already know that you can swipe right to left across your Snap to add a filter overlay. What you may not know is that it’s possible to use two.

You can combine a colored filter with the time, temperature, or speed overlays. To do this, swipe to the colored filter you want to use, then while holding your finger on your phone’s screen, continue to swipe to select the time, temp, or speed overlay as the colored filter remains in place.

4) Add music to your Snapchat videos

You can use the music on your phone to add some audio to your video Snaps, and it’s incredibly easy.

Select the song you want to use and start playing it. Then head into the Snapchat app and record your video as usual.

Snapchat will record the audio that’s playing at the time along with the visuals.

5) Use more text

Snapchat’s text limit is annoying, but there is a workaround.

Go into your iPhone’s Notes app and create a blank note. Press Return several times to create five or so blank lines. Now, press and hold the screen until you get the option to Select/Select All, etc. Choose Select All, then Copy.

Head to Snapchat, capture your image then press and hold in the text box until you get the option to Paste.

You have now created a larger text box you can type in. The only drawback is that you have to manually tap down to each line to type in it.

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